Developing a Research Orientation

Through countless sit-ins on student presentations, the one thing that is clearly apparent, and that is an absence of research orientation amongst most students. While students score well in their technical papers, their unease in writing their dissertations at the bachelor’s level and master’s level is clearly visible. This results in an inability to produce […]

Employment Constraints Faced by Covid Graduates

Covid graduates, this is obviously not part of the English language lexicon but for the lack of a better word has been used to describe all those who graduated during the covid era. As per a study done in a specific university in the United States, the covid impact led to 13% of students delaying […]


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Letter from me

I write what I see, sense and feel. Here you will find a wide variety of blogs. While some of them stem from my reminisces and reflections, some are an outcome of my research projects and research experiences. There will also be some that will be an outcome of my teaching experiences. Will look forward to your feedback.

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