To a Point….

We are all Wise, but to a point.. Stubborn, but to a point Vulnerable, but to a point Reasonable, but to a point Hardworking, but to a point Efficient, but to a point Honest, but to a point Understanding, but to a point But whether the point is really “a point” that we make about…

Finding Peace

Finding the road that leads to peace is never a straightforward one. It has so many twists, turns, halts and at times you feel that you might have lost your way a bit. There is traffic of all kinds on the way which comes in all kinds of sizes, shapes and shades. There are friends,…


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Letter from me

I write what I see, sense and feel. Here you will find a wide variety of blogs. While some of them stem from my reminisces and reflections, some are an outcome of my research projects and research experiences. There will also be some that will be an outcome of my teaching experiences. Will look forward to your feedback.

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