Employment Constraints Faced by Covid Graduates

Covid graduates, this is obviously not part of the English language lexicon but for the lack of a better word has been used to describe all those who graduated during the covid era. As per a study done in a specific university in the United States, the covid impact led to 13% of students delaying […]

What Changed: Ramblings of a Covid Touched Life

Life is never going to be the same, at least not for a long time. Roads are still empty, factories are only partly working and life dotting the roadsides has gone back to the village. I hesitate to press the doorbell of my neighbor, to walk out in the open, to occupy a public utility, […]

Experience of Online Learning in the Wake of the Covid Pandemic

The Covid Pandemic has driven some of us out of our offices and roads, but ironically has required a huge majority to fend for themselves virtually on the streets. In that process, students of all socio-economic classes, have been “locked out” of their educational institutions during the “lockdown”. The academic community rose up to the […]


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I write what I see, sense and feel. Here you will find a wide variety of blogs. While some of them stem from my reminisces and reflections, some are an outcome of my research projects and research experiences. There will also be some that will be an outcome of my teaching experiences. Will look forward to your feedback.

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