Musings bt Vinti

To a Point….

We are all

Wise, but to a point..

Stubborn, but to a point

Vulnerable, but to a point

Reasonable, but to a point

Hardworking, but to a point

Efficient, but to a point

Honest, but to a point

Understanding, but to a point

But whether the point is really

“a point” that we make about ourselves

Or is the point really “a point that we draw ourselves upto or unto

Or is the point about “a point” of life that begins to make sense or nonsense

Or is it the point that makes “a point” about the essence of our being

Bullet points, brownie points, discussion points, disagreement points,

At the end, it is all about……

the total number of points that we get or give to ourselves through life.

Then totally left to us to add up, divide up, distribute up, let go off,

Life begins at points up and ends at points down…

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