Musings bt Vinti

To a Point….

We are all

Wise, but to a point..

Stubborn, but to a point

Vulnerable, but to a point

Reasonable, but to a point

Hardworking, but to a point

Efficient, but to a point

Honest, but to a point

Understanding, but to a point

But whether the point is really

“a point” that we make about ourselves

Or is the point really “a point that we draw ourselves upto or unto

Or is the point about “a point” of life that begins to make sense or nonsense

Or is it the point that makes “a point” about the essence of our being

Bullet points, brownie points, discussion points, disagreement points,

At the end, it is all about……

the total number of points that we get or give to ourselves through life.

Then totally left to us to add up, divide up, distribute up, let go off,

Life begins at points up and ends at points down…

Musings bt Vinti

Finding Peace

Finding the road that leads to peace is never a straightforward one. It has so many twists, turns, halts and at times you feel that you might have lost your way a bit.

There is traffic of all kinds on the way which comes in all kinds of sizes, shapes and shades.

There are friends, relatives, social keepers and providers, and walkersby. Some you inherit, some you invite, some you don’t, some are part of you, some you are a part off. Some are present, some are past, some are between past and present. What and who to keep, to distance, to nurture, to carry can sometimes mentally trap and swamp you as you are forced to dwaddle between head and heart.

Then there are tasks, some everyday, some necessary, some unnecessary, some pleasant, and some pleasant. Which one to do and when to do are again daily negotiations. Before you know it, the day is through and you are still standing holding another bundle of them.

Then there are fears, insecurities and emotions. Some you can control, some you can hide, some you can ignore and some just appear, rant and rain as and when the sky is blue and bright or when the sky is dark, cloudy and menancing.

Then there are aspirations and dreams, Some you live, some you rue and regret, some you bury, some you still harbor. Each of them has their own stories of birth, life and death

Then finally there are voices in your head, the monkey chatter never ceasing, perhaps only slowing when your head turns heavy and eyes droopy with sleep and fatigue.

A million zillion thoughts and feelings all crisscrossing in the millionth of a second, the distance between the head and heart.

But there is still that early morning glow of the sunlight that beckons you hither day after day which keeps you walking in that long journey to find peace within and outside.

But then there is that call in the smiles of people, in the feeling of a slow complete breath, in the calmness of gentle music, in the voice of the masters and the experience of the fleeting light of the supreme that tells you that peace is right here in this moment. The journey is not long, it just longs to be richer and deeper..