A Citizen Led Research Approach to Fighting Air Pollution


All of us remember the old saying .”United we stand, divided we fall” from the book Aesop and his fables. If we just tap our memories of the stories of “Four Oxen and the Lion” and “The Bundle of Sticks”, we would immediately relate to the need of being united to fight for a cause.

In this age of internet and social media with digital content being ubiquitous, the being united quotient has considerably reduced. That holds true for societies, communities and even within families. There are a whole lot of likes happening on social media posts, memes and photographs but not enough conversations. As a result, the ability to forge a concerted response to the living situations around us has considerably declined.

This has affected the ability to forge a concerted response to issues relating to pollution, environmental degradation and climate change realities. Social media helps, but in trying to grapple with multiple platforms and limited bandwidth, the ability to engage becomes severely restricted. This makes it easier for Governments to dismiss the few lone voices that vent dissent and disagreement on matters vital to sustainable living. Air pollution is one such issue which is very much our problem regardless of gender, age, community, religion, income strata and any such categorization that functions as vote banks.

The India Air Pollution Survey is a research backed initiative that Citizen Ecofinalytics has taken up to involve citizens to find their voices, express it and become a united community for change. This is a totally citizen backed movement, which means not only do you express your concerns, but also involve persons around you. In doing so, each of us become citizen leaders that are united for a cause.

Here is the link of the survey.

We hope that this is a beginning to being “Citizens United For a Cause”